Imari Ware and its special connection with France

The Japanese porcelain industry was actually pioneered by Korean potters living in Japan– Many of who came to Japan during two hostile invasions of Korea.

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Un reino de otro mundo en las maravillosas fromageries de la capital francesa: Getting to know French cheeses: 1st – GENUINE Brie

France is famously known for having more cheeses than there are days in the year. Some are very widespread and available in every supermarket, some are regionally specific, and others are local to a village or community only.

From east to west, from north to south, France’s diverse cuisine has delighted more than one curious palate. One element of French cooking exists above all others as the crème de la crème of French gastronomy: cheese.  In France, at meal time, the cheese course is typically served after the main course and before dessert and is called the plateau de fromage.

These are the French cheeses you have to taste at least once in your life.

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Bungalow 5 Callista Mirror Gold B5CALISTA670:

Mirrors are a must in any home, whether they are a Louis Philippe, a Trumeau or a simple Starburst – no home should be without at least one used as a focal point.  Sunburst mirrors or as they are sometimes called, starburst mirrors, are used because they create interest in a room due to their shape and the way they can be creatively displayed – as a single mirror, layered or in a grouping.

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