Getting Around Paris…


Thinking about visiting Paris?

Find out what an arrondissement is before you go!

Paris unlike other places is dutifully  earmarked by what they call ArrondissementPronunciation: (ah-rohn-dees-mawn).  An Arrondissement is a subdivision of a department in France or district of certain areas of large French cities, in particular Paris.   The word arrondissement comes from the French verb arrondir (to encircle).

Paris has approximately 20 arrondissements, which start at the center of the city and spiral out clockwise. The 1st through fourth arrondissements make up the historic center of the city.

Each ARRONDISSMENT has its own flavor regarding lifestyle and food.

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So, what came first?  The sugar or the kettle?

The Sugar Kettle is a product of the late 18th and 19th Century. These beautiful, spherical kettles were primarily used in the production of sugar. They were also useful for cooking where meals were needed for large numbers of people.  Made of cast iron, the Kettles were very durable and versatile.

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February 2017 Container: Off The Beaten Path in France

JUST IN – February 2017 – French Container!!

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When we visit Europe, in particularly France, we are not experiencing the country in the same way a typical tourist might.  We are seeing France in an “off the beaten path” kind of way.  Most visit the large Paris flea markets such as the Les Puces de St Ouen within the city limits, but we value the antique finds that are outside Paris.

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  Wine and Cheese in France – It’s more than just eating and drinking….

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Cheese and wine are absolutely central elements of the French diet and French food. In France, traditionally, people eat a warm meal in the middle of the day and then a lighter (often cold) meal in the evening. This food tradition coincides with the French philosophy of shutting everything down in the middle of the day for a well-deserved break. Children go home from school and adults go home to eat lunch together. This is gradually changing, but in general you will find this to be true when you visit France.

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FRENCH Commodes Vs. ITALIAN Commodes


French Commodes and Italian Commodes – a short comparison.

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chest bedroom xjpg italian chest of drawers commode late 17th century

Italian classic and French classic, have distinct and unique features that set the designs apart.


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