In a half shell, here’s everything you need to know about ordering and eating oysters in France in a very local way!

Many countries produce lots of wonderful oysters. However, no country in the world can offer a more complete oyster experience than France. Is it because French oysters always taste better than oysters from other places? No. The difference is that you’re getting a French oyster in France, which means that it is served up along with a boat load of savoir vivre, backed by  savoir faire and national pride, all in a setting of immense cultural wealth.  One should feel privileged to be served the finest oysters in the world.

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Bungalow 5 Callista Mirror Gold B5CALISTA670:

Mirrors are a must in any home, whether they are a Louis Philippe, a Trumeau or a simple Starburst – no home should be without at least one used as a focal point.  Sunburst mirrors or as they are sometimes called, starburst mirrors, are used because they create interest in a room due to their shape and the way they can be creatively displayed – as a single mirror, layered or in a grouping.

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Louis Philippe Mirrors – il est si bon


The Louis Philippe Mirror      

The “Louis-Philippe” period (when Louis Philippe mirrors were crafted)  was during the reign of Louis Philippe I, who was the King of France from 1830 to 1848.

Louis Philippe ruled France with the support of the bourgeoisie.  His middle class manners earned him the moniker “Citizen King” and may have influenced the not so glamorous style that bears his name. And while this style is typically not opulent, the simple lines and overall attributes of these type mirrors make them remarkably beautiful.

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CONTAINER DAY has arrived again!  New April Container arrived yesterday!   We are so excited!  So many wonderful goodies in from many areas of France.  Our warehouse is full and so are the shops!

Here are some sneak peeks into what arrived from France….

05-IMG_3663   02-IMG_364510-IMG_3678   Imari, Intaglios, Dessert Table

MORE beautiful and unusual items –

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