French and English container just in!!

We are so pleased to have yet another successful unloading of our containers – what a big job!  But, with lots of busy hands and feet “a movin” we really made headway.

How it starts:

Building a container starts with that simple trip from the US to London and Paris and of course back again!

The merchandise purchased in Europe is placed on a large freighter that travels across the sea to the port of Mobile.  Upon its safe arrival, Crown and Colony is notified and…

…a date is set for delivery and unloading at our warehouse.  Merchandise is loaded onto a large truck straight from the container off the freighter.


Container Day is in full swing when the Crown and Colony van arrives AND the eighteen wheeler pulls in to the warehouse.

-This day typically  starts bright and early – 7 a.m.-

04-IMG_4080     01-IMG_4077



Some of our best help! Jason and Ricardo!  Reliable and hard working men are needed to move things along quickly.



Days prior to the delivery, lots of work goes on to clear the way for new merchandise that will be delivered to the warehouse.  Because that new empty space…..05-IMG_4081


…..fills up very QUICKLY!!


Before and after some unpacking!!    Below, Jack McCowan, RF Antiques, is  unpacking deer mounts, washed chests and other accessories.40-IMG_4125

Lot of rugs came in on this container.



A very large horn chandelier  – a three man job to get this off the truck and hung in the warehouse.



 It will most certainly look fabulous in a large great room or foyer.



The process of tagging begins as soon as items start being unloaded from the trucks and unpacked in the warehouse.

10-IMG_4086         16-IMG_4092

 From an itemized listing of goods in a binder to matching item numbers up with the tags….marking off the sheet and tagging the furniture.  All a process of great organized detail.  Above, Julie Christman, from Crown and Colony works sorting tags for distribution.

30-IMG_4114Ann Fargason – hard at work & still enjoying the process after well over twenty years in the business of antiques.


Once an items “tag” is pulled, the item is marked off the master list & the picture taking jumps into high gear!  All of the pictures taken at the warehouse are what you see on our website.  After the merchandise is “introduced” on What’s New, each item is moved into a specific category with an identifying number, i.e. #216 0000#.  Items are listed on the website with identifying numbers for inventory control and for the ease of the customer.

View all of What’s New here:


Peter takes the pictures, measures each item and documents all of this on a notepad.  All of this information, which is the final step in this long process, is loaded into the computer for customers to view on the website.



And after a very long day of hard work…

Baxter and Peter Fargason call this a wrap!  So do Bella and Bonnie!!


Come visit our three shops in Fairhope, AL.  All within walking distance to each other: Crown and Colony 251-928-4808, Aubergines, 251-928-0902 and RF Antiques 251-928-8336.  An abundance of goods are on the floor now from this container – just in from England and France.  See you soon!!


Au Revoir!  A La Prochaine!!


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